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New Avian Artwork For Sale

The artwork labeled "Terry" is original artwork done by a handicapped gentlement in a nursing home, who has been doing this for us since 2000.  One other piece available upon request is a framed bead and feather necklace dated. Two of his pieces are ORIGINAL, ALL one-of-a-kind priced at $100/each, the 3 color full parrot is a print (can't find the original), price $10/each. 

Terry's Artwork
Terry's Artwork
Terry's Artwork
Pictured Above: Terry's Artwork

Artwork below labeled "Gloria's Artwork " are pieces dedicated to "The Tropics" unsealed, including a signed card on back of each piece. These are prints. NOTE: She is the wife of the creator of ALL the "STAR WARS" animated charactors, Nick Maley, AKA "That Yoda Guy." NOTE: Their art studio is located in St. Maartin, Antigua, Barbuda islands in the Caribbean Sea. Website: Additional information on Gloria:  A FORMER bird breeder, turned artist spends her time with Nick in their studios continuing their artwork and managing their current business. If you are ever able to visit one of their studios, it is well worth it.

Gloria's Artwork
Gloria's Artwork
Gloria's Artwork
Pictured Above: Gloria's Artwork

If you would like more information about purchasing art work shown on this page, you can contact Mary Bradford via E-Mail at: