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The Tropics Newsletter

Several times during each year, The Tropics publishes a newsletter that is designed to keep you updated on all that is going on at The Tropics. Our newsletters are available on our web site for all our loyal supporters.

March 15, 2013

Many know of the health disasters I (Mary) and my husband, John have been through over the last few years. Well, ALL IS WELL, NOW, and we are back at full speed. The birds remain fine, we are fine, and recuperation from major brain surgery seems to be complete. John is doing better now than he has in the past 6 years, too.

I have been having concealing conversations via phone with many bird owners that do not understand the psychology of parrots in captivity. It is very hard, and disheartening to know that there is little to no CURRENT information out there for them to tap into. So many over the years have pleaded with me to write a book. I do not have the money or connections to do so, and I feel that mine would just be lost in the shuffle. That is my reason for not doing it.

Right now we are in a scary financial bind. Any/all amounts of donations are need ASAP! You would still get a tax deductible receipt to use on your tax returns, and you can use and also shop at which sends us a check quarterly from percentages of purchases that people make from their online stores (over 700 stores to choose from).

I realize that this is short, but I must get started on some new articles for the site. This is just a current update as to our wellbeing. Also, our partner of 12 years is still in the loop and handles most of our adoptions. As far as our outreach ministry of taking birds to nursing homes, rehab hospitals and schools, that will not resume. At our ages (John is 70, I am 66) it is prohibitive.

I do hope to send each and every past donor a mailer thanking them for their past support and ask for immediate help, now. Thank you for your patience during our times of physical healing.

Sincerely, John, Mary Bradford The Tropics, Inc.


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